Black with purple daisies earrings

GBP 7.99

Strands of dark coloured daisy chains with top quality sterling silver earwires and stunning glass seed beads.

The main strands in this earring are beaded in black, frosted finish, opaque beads. The daisies are in purple lined beads. These beads have a clear glass outer layer, the colour is only applied to the innermost core of the bead where the thread goes through. These beads have a lovely sheen. In the centre of each daisy is an iridescent, fire polished bead. The base colour of the bead is black then there is a multicoloured sheen over the top which makes the bead look almost like titanium.

There are 4 chains altogether in this earring and the longest chain is a little under 1/4 inch long. These earrings take a little under an hour to complete.

If you like this design but would like it done in different colours, please click here for more information.