Black & Purple Stars Amulet Bag Necklace

Black & Purple Stars Amulet Bag NecklaceBlack & Purple Stars Amulet Bag NecklaceBlack & Purple Stars Amulet Bag Necklace GBP 39.99

This wonderful necklace is a feast for all the senses! It is colourful, has delicious textures and the fringe makes a delightful sound as you walk.

This is an amulet bag necklace. The main body of the necklace is a small pouch which has been made using tubular peyote stitch. The top of the pouch is flexible so it can be opened and small personal treasures can be kept safely and secretly inside.

The seed beads used in the pouch are opaque, black beads and blue beads with purple linings. These same beads are also used in making up the fringe and the necklace chain.

I have used a variety of different bugle beads and a banquet of semi precious gemstones in both the chain and the fringe detail. You will find haematite stars, snowflake obsidians, black tourmalines, faceted amethyst drops, garnet and amethyst chip stones in abudance throughout the necklace.

The pouch part measures a little under 1.5 inches across and a little over 1 inch down. At it's longest section, the fringing makes the entire pendant part of the necklace a little over 3 inches long.

The chain is finished with a traditional loop and bead closure, which is very secure. This allows me to put two necklace lengths on the chain. The chain at it's shortest length is a luxurious 23 inches, and at it's longest 24 inches.

The necklace took about 5 hours to complete.

If you like this design but would like it done in a different size and/or colour, please click here for more information.