Cream and lilac lace necklace with chains

GBP 59.99

This beautiful collar style necklace is worked in cream, pearlescent seed beads with matt lilac seed beads interspacing.

The clasp set used in this is stunning. It is a sterling sliver toggle and loop set with a difference. The loop is a circle of three, fat leaves and the toggle is a slender, stylised leaf. I have never had the pleasure of working with such a wonderful clasp set.

This necklace measure a little over 15 inches. It will sit on the collar bones of most people.

There are 4 chains at the back of the necklace to finish the look off, 2 on either side. The longest of the chains are approximately 9 inches in length. The chains dangle delicately down the back of the necklace, making this necklace perfect for those outfits with a lower back line.

The necklace shown here took 7 hours to complete.

The technique used here is called netting stich. To find out more about beading techniques please click here.

If you like this design but would like it done in a different size and/or colour, please click here for more information.