Q. Who is Violet Fusion?
A. Violet Fusion is a home run, one woman project. A previous incarnation of this site was an eBay hosted store uninspiringly and rather simply called Lilith's Arts & Crafts. I decided it was time for a change of location and name and here I am! (For more information please see the about me section.)

Q. Will you change the colour/sizing in one of your designs for me?
A. Yes of course! Simply pick the design you want to alter, note the name of it, and go to the custom design section. Everything you need to know about this process will be explained to you there.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?
A. Yes. For complete post & packing policies and pricing guides please visit The Shipping section.

Q. Can I sell your wares in my shop?
A. There will soon be a wholesale section in this shop, until then please email me for further enquiries.

Q. Is everything here really hand-made?
A. Yes, every item I produce is slightly different and therefore individual. Some items take many, many hours to make. I tell you how long each piece takes to make, in order to give you an idea of the hard work and love I pour into each and every one.

Q. What sort of materials do you use?
A. I only use the highest quality materials that i can get. Whilst this does raise the price, it does improve the look and durability of the Jewellery. Using high quality materials also means that people like me who are allergic to low grade base metals can wear my jewellery.

Q. How do you work out your prices?
A. I take how many hours I took to make the piece, charge national minimum wage for my time, add on material costs and tax. Et voila!

Q. Will Violet Fusion ever sell/give my information to third parties?
A. NO!!!! We will never sell or give your information to third parties. Any information between shared between you and us is kept private.