Rainbow daisy-chain fringed choker

GBP 69.99

Peyote stitch gives the most wonderfully smooth, flexible texture to this individual choker.

Peyote stitch is a Native American beedwork technique which does not use a loom, it is instead all handwoven. This is more time consuming than loom work, but the results are finer and stronger. For more information on peyote stitch please click here

The main body colour of this necklace is worked in Czech, dusty, grey with a firepolished finish seed beads. This means that each bead has a subtle, yet beautiful rainbow iridescance to them. The daisies are picked out in hot pink, lined seed beads that are also fire polished. In the centre of each daisy is a haematite, coloured seed bead.

The daisy chain fringing at the front of the necklace is staggered in lengths and is worked in the same colours as the necklace body.

The closure for this necklace is a traditional loop and button closing. The beads used are 2 purple fluorite rounds and 4 moonstone rounds. This means that there is two lengths this choker can be worn at. The smallest is 14 inches the longest is 15 inches.

This necklace took 10 hours to complete.

If you like this design but would like it done in different colours, please click here for more information.