Red Black Tubular Peyote Necklace

GBP 35.99

Tubular peyote stich gives this necklace a wonderfully tactile feel.

This necklace is made using a Native American beadwork technique known as tubular peyote stitch. No loom is used in the production of this, it's all handwoven. For more information on peyote stitch please click here.

This form of peyote stitch is a little different. It forms a hollow tube once completed.

I have used two colours of seed beads in this necklace. The main colour used is strawberry red. These beads are silver lined which means they sparkle wonderfully. I have used stripes of opaque, matt black beads as a contrast. Both bead colours are of fantastic quality.

To close off either end of the peyote tube I have used black tourmalines.

The fastening I have used for this necklace is a traditional button and loop closure. The "buttons" are snowflake obsidians. I have added two of them to give more freedom with necklace length

There's two lengths this necklace can be worn at. 16.5 inches or 17 inches.

This necklace took me a little over 6 hours to complete.

If you like this necklace, but would like it in a different size or colour - no problem! Just go to the Custom Design page for more information.