Rune Properties
In my family, we have for many years been using different forms of divination to foretell the future. We all have our different ways of doing things. My mother used tarot, but talks of tea leaves and playing cards being used my other relatives.

I found an urge to start my own path of divination when I was 16 years old. I started out as my mother had with a deck of tarot cards.

I then was lent a set of runes and a book on runic divination from a friend. I found the rune set would not work for me at all but I was intrigued. I read more on the subject, and understood that I had to have my own set, charged with my own energies. I found out that the best set of runes, is a handmade set. I made myself a set of runes, which I still use to this day. I found this set of runes to have a personality which came through in readings.

I am in the process of making another set of runes, in white clay, which I will be selling on here soon.

I have always felt an affinity for the Germanic runic alphabet system. This is what I work with, and therefore all the the runes, and runic spells I produce are pertaining to that runic alphabet.

The runic alphabet is a very ancient one, with origins in the Viking period. This was a time of legends and magic. Therefore each rune not only symbolises a letter of the alphabet, but also has a deeper meaning. Each rune has it's own energy. Many have their own poems or songs. All have gods or goddesses associated with them. They all have stories to tell.

Most of the runes, that I have for sale here, are singular runes from the alphabet. Each rune has a little explanation when you click on the more button.

Another type of rune that I have for sale is the bind rune. This is when you take the individual energies and meanings of two (or more if required) runes and combine them together. You end up with a new, very potent symbol. Perfect to be used as a charm. I have some ready made bind runes for sale here. I also make bind rune charms for individual circumstances.

If you are interested in learning more about personal bind runes, please click here.

The final type of runic charm I currently have for sale is runic spell scrolls. I hand dye a strip of paper, then hand paint a runic spell onto it. The paper then gets rolled up and sealed, safely inside a beaded hollow tube. The runic spell that is sealed inside each necklace is shown when you click on the more button next to each necklace.

If you would like a personal runic scroll necklace, please click here.