Secret Scroll Necklace - Purple & Pink Daisies

GBP 24.99

Each and every stunning necklace has a hidden secret scroll inside.

This necklace uses tubular peyote stitch, this basically means each is hand woven not loom woven. For more information on peyote stitch please click here.

This form of peyote stitch is a little different. It forms a hollow tube once completed. Perfect for hiding small treasures or secret messages!

Inside this necklace the secret scroll reads "I love you". This is written in the futhark or runic alphabet. To add more potency to this sentance, I have added an extra rune at the beginning of the sentance and one at the end. This is called a leader and a sealer and makes the sentance into something much more powerful. It becomes a spell. The leader and sealer I have chosen to use here are love runes. Gebo at the beginning means love, partnership,and gift. Wunjo at the end means strength, good fortune, domestic happiness, bliss and harmony. The paper for the scroll is hand dyed and the spell is hand painted in water colour paint.

The entire necklace takes about 4 hours to complete.

The main bead colour used in this necklace are amethyst, fire polished seed beads. The fire polished finish gives each bead a rainbow of colours.

The daisies are picked out in pink beads which also have a fire polished finish to them.

In the centre of each daisy there is a aqua coloured, copper lined seed bead. The copper lining makes the beads sparkle and give them a warm tone. All seed beads used are of Czech origin and marvellous quality.

For the necklace chain I have used the same beads and echoed the daisy motif with a daisy chain stitch.

The secret scroll is closed with 2 purple fluorites. One at either end, to protect the scroll and it's secret message. This means no body need even know there is a message in your pendant if you do not want them to.

Sterling silver findings are used to finish off this necklace.

This necklace has a 20 3/4 inch drop and the pendant is just under 2 inches long.

If you like this necklace, but would like it in a different size or colour - no problem! Just go to the Custom Design page for more information. The secret message in the scroll can be changed also. For more information on this again contact me via the Custom Design page.